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Managing Security in APS whitepaper

2015 August 28
by Brian Mitchell

A colleague and friend of mine, Brian Walker, formally a Solution Architect in the Data Insights COE, has published a new Analytics Platform System whitepaper on managing security in APS. BrianW (as I call him) has moved on to a new role in sales, but the gift he left behind in this whitepaper is valuable to anyone setting up security in APS. I know you will find it as informative and useful as I did.

Here is a quick summary of the whitepaper: This paper provides a framework for designing, implementing, and monitoring user roles and permissions in an enterprise data warehouse. The intended audience for this paper includes IT pros who are responsible architecting, implementing, and managing a security framework to support corporate and regulatory compliance. Microsoft’s Analytics Platform System and other Microsoft technologies opens the door to enterprise data warehousing (EDW) which can host multiple datasets with varying levels data classifications and regulatory requirements. This model is designed to address these requirements while minimizing administrative overhead.

Enterprise Data Warehouse – Managing Roles and Rights  

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