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Analytics Platform System Whitepapers

2015 August 6
by Brian Mitchell

The Data Insights Global Practice published two important whitepapers on the Analytics Platform System last month. Getting this kind of guidance on APS has been a long time coming. For anyone working on APS, I highly recommend downloading these papers and digesting their information. You’ll be glad you did. I’m working with other Architects in the global practice on a few other whitepapers for APS and you’ll be seeing those shortly.

Andy Isley, Data Insights Solutions Architect, has published Data Loading with APS that is now available publically online.  This whitepaper explains many of the concepts important to loading data efficiently into APS using both DWLoader and SSIS.

Michael Hlobil, Data Insights Solutions Architect, and Ryan Mich, ACTO Data Insights COE Consultant, authored an outstanding guide Optimizing Distributed Database Design for APS whitepaper that is now available publically online.  This whitepaper goes beyond the basic description of designing for distributed and replicated tables but delves into many edge use cases that you may run into on APS.

Both of these papers are also included in the menu of choices for download within the APS Documentation and Tools page.

If there is other guidance you are looking for, please let me know and I’ll explore my ability to influence getting it done.

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