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Book: Microsoft Big Data Solutions

2014 March 28

I was lucky enough to be included as part of the author team for Microsoft Big Data Solutions from Wiley Press.  I would like to thank Adam Jorgensen (@AJbigdata) for including me.  Other members of the writing team included James Rowland-Jones (@jrowlandjones), John Welch (@john_welch), Dan Clark, and Chris Price (@BluewaterSQL).  This was a labor of love for all involved as it explores Big Data through the Microsoft Solution stack specifically either with HDInsight or with their partner Hortenworks distribution of Hadoop known as Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP).  If you are interested in getting started with Big Data and Hadoop and come from a background of using the Microsoft Data Platform, then this book is a good place to get started.


The Book in Parts:

Part I: What is Big Data

Part II: Setting Up Your First Big Data Environment

Part III: Storing and Managing Big Data

Part IV: Working with Your Big Data

Part V: Big Data and SQL Server Together


You can find more details about Microsoft Big Data Solutions from Wiley here:

If you are addicted to Amazon and want to go straight there and purchase, you can find Microsoft Big Data Solutions here:

Kindle Version


Monitoring HDP with System Center

One of the things I am most proud of was getting System Center Operations Manager set up and configured to monitor an HDP cluster.  For those companies that use System Center, being able to monitor your Hadoop solution with SCOM is a game changer when it comes to integrating Hadoop into your existing monitoring and alerting solutions.  I know I had to be one of the first to get this configured and provide documentation on the process as I literally picked up the bits the week they were available.  I’m looking forward to any feedback anyone has on the process.

Final Thoughts

So my wife asked me once it was complete whether or not I would ever do another book.  Halfway through the process, I would have said no.  This was the first time I had ever been part of a team writing a book and I was not very good at it at all.  I’m sure my editors would agree.  But towards the end, I started getting a feel that writing a book is like eating an elephant.  You have to do it one bit at a time and do a couple pages a day, about 5 days a week.  If you do that, you can keep up and even get ahead depending on your schedule.  So yes, if I’m lucky enough to be asked to join another team, I’ll happily do it and hopefully do it with much less stress.

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