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New SQL Server 2012 PDW Whitepaper

2013 October 18
by Brian Mitchell

Barbara Kess and Dan Kogan have written an amazing document on the state of SQL Server 2012 Parallel Data Warehouse.  This document steps through PDW’s design and describes why you should expect amazing results for your data warehouse experience.  More importantly, what I liked about the document was the many customer references about the what their experience is like with SQL Server PDW.    These next few quotes just blew me away:

Our queries are completing 76 times faster on PDW. This was after PDW compressed 1.5 TB to 134 GB.

Our daily load now takes 5.5 minutes on PDW whereas it used to take 2.5 hours without PDW. The load is 27 times faster on PDW.

5.5 TB (uncompressed) compressed to 400 GB (14x compression).

You’ll have to read the document yourself to find out what other customers are saying, including some good links to full reference stories.

Download the whitepaper today

A Breakthrough Platform for Next-Generation Data Warehousing and Big Data Solutions

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