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Hortonworks HDP 2.0 is now available

2013 October 24
by Brian Mitchell

Hortonworks gets credit for the release of the month with their Hortonworks Data Platform 2.0.  What I like about the HDP vernacular is that it truly is a data platform as they don’t release anything piecemeal but work tirelessly to ensure that all the parts play nicely together for you.  This release of Hadoop 2.0 includes all the YARN additions along with many improvements to technologies you may have been using already like Hive and HBase.

Want to know about YARN?


Hortonworks refers to YARN as the new OS for Hadoop.  It provides the flexibility for additional data processing initiatives beyond mapreduce.  Additionally, YARN provides for improved management and monitoring, multi-tenancy, improved security, high availability, and improved disaster recovery.

Take a look at this link to get more information on HDP 2.0 and YARN.



What about Hive?

Hive 0.12 is included in HDP 2.0 that provides a host of improvements to Hive.   Specifically, query speed and SQL compatibility were major focuses of the Hive improvements in HDP 2.0.  Query plan generation, Group BY’s, and Optimizations to COUNT stick out for me.  SQL support improvements include VARCHAR support, DATE support, and Truncation support.  There are literally dozens of other improvements.  You can get a deeper read on the improvements here.


What else?

Apache Ambari and HBase saw significant improvements.  Ambari allows you to provision, manage, and monitor a cluster running on Hadoop 2, including support for NameNode High Availability.  More Ambari 1.4.1 information can be found here.   HBase improvements include Snapshots, support for Windows(!), and reduced mean time to recovery.  Check out this page for more HBase 0.96 information.


Want to learn more?

Join Hortonworks on November 12 for a webinar outlining the YARN based architecture of HDP 2.0.   They’ll discuss all the latest improvements to HDP 2.0 for technologies like Hive, Ambari, and HBase.  Jump here to register for the webinar.


Obviously much has gone into Hortonworks HDP 2.0.  This is a release of momentous occasion.   Its impressive that they have been able to package it all up together like this in one release.   They should soon have a sandbox of the GA release here.   I heard it should be available sometime the week of  Oct. 28th, so if you don’t see it yet keep checking back.

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