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Big Data Analytics Videos on Channel 9

2013 October 25
by Brian Mitchell

Channel 9 has an amazing abundance of informative material around SQL Server, Microsoft BI, and Big Data.  Saptak Sen (Microsoft) and Bill Ramos (Advaiya) have produced the newest offering of videos that cover Microsoft’s Azure and HDInsight offerings and most importantly how they integrate with Microsoft’s Business Intelligence stack.  I’ve watched three of the videos so far and really enjoyed the #4 Mahout video.

Check out the entire Big Data Analytics course here:

If you want to go directly to any of the videos, here you go:

Big Data Analytics: (01) Data Mash-Ups with Power Query and PowerPivot

In this module, you will learn how to use Microsoft Excel Power Query with PowerPivot to mash up data from a variety of sources including Hive tables, Windows Azure Data Marketplace, and web sources. [01:45] – Power Query Excel Add-In [04:21] – Excel Power Pivot Add-In [06:01] – Demo Big Data

Big Data Analytics: (02) Data Visualizations with Power View and Power Map

This module explains how to use Microsoft Excel Power View and Power Map add-ins to visualize data mash-ups from a PowerPivot model to create charts and map-based analysis. [01:36] – Excel Power View Add-In [07:31] – Demo Creating Power View Reports [12:38] – Power Map Excel Add-In [13:52] – Demo…

Big Data Analytics: (03) Using SQOOP and Windows Azure Reporting Services

In this module, you will find out how to use SQOOP to perform high-speed data transfers from a Hive table on an HDInsight cluster to a Windows Azure SQL database. You will then see how create and deploy reports on Windows Azure Reporting Services. [01:11] – Working with SQOOP in Microsoft HDInsight…

Big Data Analytics: (04) Data Mining and Predictive Analytics Including Mahout

This module shows how to use the Microsoft Excel Data Mining add-in along with SQL Server Analysis Services to perform key influencers and categorization data mining techniques. You’ll learn how to install and use Apache Mahout on HDInsight. [01:02] – Data Mining [07:00] – Demo Excel Data Mining…

Big Data Analytics: (05) Working with Windows Azure Tables and MongoDB

In this module, you will learn how to use Windows Azure tables and MongoDB as NoSQL technologies for your Big Data solutions. You’ll see how to create a .Net application for accessing Azure tables. You’ll also learn how to install and use MongoDB on a server. [00:54] – Windows Azure Table Storage…

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