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TechED 2013 Ramp – SQL Server Columnstore Indexes Presentation

2013 May 29
by Brian Mitchell

I have a third session at TechED 2013 North America next week.   The session is titled Whats New for Columnstore Indexes and Batch Mode Processing and it occurs on Thursday June 6th at 1:00 PM CDT.

We’ll quickly walk through Columnstore Indexing in general to level set everyone with the technology and how Microsoft implements it in SQL Server.  We’ll also speak to batch mode processing and how that helps improve performance significantly.  Next we’ll speak to what’s next for SQL Server and Columnstore indexes: Clustered Columnstore indexes.    We’ll again speak to improvments in batch mode processing and a new feature for for SQL Server vNext:  Archival Compression.  Want details?   Attend the session!

Did I mention demo’s?  Lot’s and Lot’s of demo’s will be included throughout to show the benefits of all of these improvements.   Finally, ‘we’ll finish the session with best practices that will help you improve the performance of your queries that are hitting Columnstore Indexes.

If you missed the session, you can catch the recording on Channel 9 here.

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