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SQL PDW Appliances at SQLPASS Summit

2011 October 13
by Brian Mitchell

This morning the SQLPASS keynote highlighted the SQL Parallel Data Warehouse dell_onerackavailable from HP and Dell.  On the stage was a one data rack SQL PDW appliance from Dell and a Test/Dev SQL PDW Appliance from HP.  It’s good to see additional hardware vendors getting on board with PDW, as consumer choice is good for everyone. 

More information about Dell’s foray into the SQL PDW world can be found here and their datasheet which can be found as a download on the bottom left of the page.  Highlights include some Dell Hardware configuration information and Dell Hardware Support information.   One of the exciting announcements is that the Dell Architecture includes 10 data nodes per data rack instead of the previously announced 8 nodes per rack on this site among many others.  Stop by the Dell booth in the expo hall on the fourth floor at SQLPASS to see this monster in person.  Here is a picture of the Dell Architecture from the previously mentioned data sheet:


To find out more about HP’s SQL PDW Test/Dev appliance, check out this specifications site and scroll down to Step 3 (Test/Dev System):  If you want to see it in person, come on down to the expo on the fourth floor and head over to the HP booth.

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