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Come talk SQL PDW at SQLRally

2011 April 28
by Brian Mitchell

SQLRally is coming very soon to Orlando.  My presentation is titled SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse – Under the Hood and you can find me presenting wholly caffeinated at 8:30 am on SQLRallyThursday May 12th.  I’m lucky enough to get it out of the way early in the first session of the first day.  After I’m done I can relax, enjoy others presentations and network with some great attendees.  I’ll be around both days if you have any questions about SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse.   Hit me up on Twitter if you can’t find me.  As for the actual presentation, here is the abstract I put together a few months ago:

Parallel Data Warehouse is a complex product that is often misunderstood. This session will go deeper into PDW architecture than in previous sessions. Primarily through the use of demos the attendees will be exposed to the PDW service and how it interacts with multiple compute nodes to provide superior performance. The session’s reliance on demos will allow the attendees to understand PDW in concrete terms what is usually described in abstract terms. We will spend a good deal of our time examining the tools in PDW available to the DBA to manage this complex appliance.

In the last week or so I’ve started putting that relatively abstract abstract into a actual presentation.  There will be a quick introduction into PDW to get newbies caught up on the technology.  After that, I will be concentrating on how SQL Server PDW handles the typical canaries in the coal mine:  CPU, Memory, and Disk bottlenecks.  We will walk through how the design of PDW handles these subsystems and the tools and DMV’s we use to monitor them.   Since this is an appliance, you generally don’t need to worry about these things as the solution is built into the product.  But having an understanding of how PDW handles known performance issues gives us confidence in the solution.

It should be fun and I know it will be a bit different from other PDW sessions you’ve may have seen in the past at PASS or TechEd.  It’s not too late to register to attend.  Hope to see you there.


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