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HP Enterprise Data Warehouse Specification

2011 February 1
by Brian Mitchell

HP now has full specifications, including options, for their SQL Server 2008 R2 Parallel Data Warehouse Solution on their website ( html | pdf ).  One of the few options you have when ordering a PDW appliance is the storage configuration on your data rack.  For the HP EDW, you currently have three choices of hard drive configurations.  Below you can see the storage capacity you can get based on a 2.5X compression ratio.  This is different (and improved) over what I have previously posted as the specifications became finalized for PDW.

HP EDW Storage Capacity
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  1. Oliver Holloway permalink
    April 20, 2011

    In an article from 2008, I read that DATAllegro says their flavor is SQL92 with some SQL99 thrown in. How would you describe PDW’s implementation of SQL’s DML? Is it just the basic stuff, or can it do rank and grouping sets and CTEs? Is it a full implementation of what we see in SMP? I get the point that the DDL had to be modified for the distributed architecture, now wondering if the DML is the same as what we’re used to.

  2. Brian Mitchell permalink*
    April 28, 2011


    When it comes to analytics, PDW is starting off on the right foot. Yes it supports Rank and Grouping. It supports the basics that you expect (min, count, count_big, max, sum, avg, etc). But it also supports more complex functions such as Dense_Rank, Row_Number, STDEV, and NTILE. Finally, it supports a few functions not available in SQL Server such as Lag, Lead, amongst others. While CTE’s aren’t available in PDW yet, PDW does support Create Table as Select (CTAS) which physically instantiates the result set for further processing.

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