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Online Session on HP’s SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse and PDW Appliances

2010 December 17
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by Brian Mitchell

In the course of life you meet lots of people and every once in a while you meet one that obviously has lived a more interesting life than most.  I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Spiller a couple weeks ago and enjoyed every minute of it.  Not only is his technical knowledge superb but he was able to entertain a whole table of normally cynical technical people using card tricks that simply confounded all. 

What makes this presentation different is that Jeff is telling the Parallel Data Warehouse story from a slightly different perspective:  the hardware vendors perspective.    He explains why PDW is an index light (or even better no index) solution better than anyone I’ve seen try at Microsoft.  Additionally, Jeff does a great job explaining where the Fast Track Data Warehouse Reference Architecture is positioned in relation to Parallel Data Warehouse.

Please note that I found the second half of the presentation much more technical and interesting.  It’s in the second half of the session that he gets into the nuts and bolts of FT & PDW.  So if you find yourself a bit bored with the normal overview of the how did we get to here spiel on data warehousing, hold on…it gets better (feel free to fast forward).

HP and Microsoft: Mission-Critical Applications Made Simple – to Speed Business Advantage

Led by Jeff Spiller, Sr. Solution Architect from HP’s Performance and Solutions Engineering Center of Excellence, this session will explore traditional database design vs. Fast Tack design vs. SQL Server 2008 Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) design and how design can affect performance.

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