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PDW Sessions at Pass 2010

2010 November 1
by Brian Mitchell


There are three PDW presentations at PASS 2010 this year.  If you are attending next week and are interested in SQL PDW, I would recommend that at the very least dropping in on Mark Theissen’s Parallel Data Warehouse Overview session.  Mark has that rare combination of being very technical but also a great speaker in front of a crowd.  Here is the full list of sessions:

Parallel Data Warehouse Overview

Parallel Data Warehouse or PDW is the new scale-out SQL Server offering that enables SQL Server to scale to 100’s of terabytes for data warehousing workloads. This fast paced session provides an overview of the PDW hardware / software architecture, what makes PDW different, the appliance experience and the roadmap ahead.

Speaker:  Mark Theissen


SQLCAT: PDW Data Loading Strategies

In this session, we will discuss lessons learned loading data into PDW using SSIS and the DWLOADER bulk copy utility. You will learn about exploiting the power and speed of CTAS to perform inserts and updates coupled with partition switching. You will also learn about differences between loading distributed vs. replicated tables. Finally, you will learn about loading PDW using ETL vs. ELT.

Speaker:  Carl Rabeler


SQLCAT: Designing Databases and Tuning Queries for Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) 

A variety of customers have been working with the new Parallel Data Warehouse — PDW — both in the TAP program and lab-based validation engagements. In this session we will share a number of best practices and learnings about optimal database design for PDW, pointing out any differences from SMP-based SQL Server, and walk through some real world examples of tuning complex queries to optimize performance.

Speaker:  Stuart Ozer

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