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My Journey with SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse

2010 June 25
by Brian Mitchell

This week, I started a new journey within Microsoft.  I’ve moved to the Microsoft Premier Support team that will support SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW).  PDW is designed to be a highly scalable appliance for enterprise data warehousing.  It accomplishes this scale by using massively parallel processing to execute queries in parallel to deliver high performance.  We are able to execute queries in parallel due to the fact that large tables are distributed across parallel compute nodes.  The results are then generally brought back together on a control node before being presented back to the user application.

This is as exciting a move as I’ve made in my career.  I can’t wait to learn how to tame the beast and load gig’s of data in minutes.  I’m also looking forward to learning the idiosyncrasies that this product will have.  Working with PDW aligns precisely where I like to be supporting our customers:  the bigger the better.  The reason why is simply that is where you can make the most impact.  One simple change can often yield amazing results. 

I’ll be spending the next few weeks going over exactly what PDW is and isn’t.   If you can’t wait, you can check out Microsoft’s SQL Server site for the traditional marketing spiel.  If you want more detail, then you can check out some good in-depth training from Microsoft Learning

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